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I think I give up for good this time. I dont have one person left. The one person that meant everything to me, made my dreams go away, who I could tell everything to, who looked at me and let me see love, doesnt care. Im done..

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Because it mattered.

It only hurts because it mattered.
And fuck, did it matter.
It was my smile when I thought of you,
It was the way your voice sounded at the end of the day,
It was the way you looked so good when you looked at me,
It was the way my voice sounded when I sang love songs,
It was how your arms around me felt so safe,
It was the time you didnt get mad when I was drunk and dropped the pizza on the floor,
It was the light in your eyes when you talked about something you loved,
It was the way your name felt in my mouth,
It was how you petted my hair without a second thought because you knew I liked it,
It was the way I got lost in you everytime our lips touched,
It was the way I wanted to give you everything you could ever ask for,
It was how I still do,
It was how ’ were no nightmares when I was with you,
It was you,
It was me,
It was us.

It mattered.

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i’m looking for a tumblr girlfriend to make FAMOUS! Following everyone back until I find one :)


i love listening to a song repeatedly until i hate it

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